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5 benefits of working with an ergonomic harness

5 benefits of working with an ergonomic harness

Oct 19, 2023

Maintaining your garden and hedges can be a time-consuming and physically demanding task. However, thanks to innovative products like the Elephants Trunk 3 from GTM Professional, this chore has now become much easier and more comfortable. This ergonomic harness is designed to make hedge trimming and other garden tasks more efficient and less fatiguing. Let's take a look at the five key advantages of this handy tool:

1. Reduces muscle fatigue and increases efficiency

One of the most notable benefits of the Elephants Trunk 3 is its ability to reduce muscle fatigue. With a pulley at the back, a significant portion of the weight of the hedge trimmer or other garden tools is shifted from your hands to your hips. This means you exert less effort and can work longer without feeling exhausted.

2. Ergonomic design for prolonged comfort

The Elephants Trunk 3 harness is designed with the user in mind. Worn like a backpack, it provides a comfortable fit for all body types. The shoulder piece is also separately adjustable and provides additional back support.

3. Optimal ventilation for comfortable work

On hot summer days, gardening can be a sweaty affair. Fortunately, the harness ensures optimal ventilation. This is due to the ventilated cushions inside the harness. The harness keeps you cool while you're busy with your garden tasks, allowing you to focus on your work without being distracted by excessive sweating.

4. Safer work, quicker results

Thanks to reduced physical strain, you can work not only for a longer duration but also more safely. The risk of overexertion and injuries is minimized, which is crucial when working overhead or with heavy tasks. Moreover, less physical effort means you can complete tasks more swiftly, saving you precious time.

5. Suitable for various garden tools

The Elephants Trunk 3 is versatile. It's not limited to hedge trimmers but can also be used for other portable garden tools weighing between 4.5 and 8 kg (excluding chainsaws). With a large carabiner, you can easily attach your tools to the harness.

In summary, the Elephants Trunk 3 is a valuable addition to your garden equipment. It reduces muscle fatigue, enhances efficiency, and makes working in the garden much more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the benefits of this innovative harness for yourself and make your garden work more efficient than ever before.

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